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Terms and general conditions relatively rent and hire a car in

    Renterís (driverís) minimal age:
- 23 years old;
- The driving experience should be 3 years (as minimum)

    Required documents:
 These documents are to be available at the renting of the car:
- passport;
- identification code (for the citizens of Ukraine);
- driverís license.

     Payment options:
- cash;
- credit cards;
- payment on account.

     Insurance deposit and payment conditions:
Deposit (insurance deposit) is collected from the renter.
Insurance deposit is obligatory and depends on the model of the rented car. Insurance deposit is collected at the contracting of the agreement and is returned to you at the consequent return of the car to the lessor provided the terms of the agreement were observed. The renter pays the rental payment for the whole period of the vehicle usage at once on the day of the signing on of the agreement.

     Renterís responsibility:
Renterís responsibility is limited by the sum of the deposit provided that the terms of the agreement are observed. In case the car is damaged and (or) there are defects caused by the violation by the renter of the service instructions, terms of agreement, the customer is obliged to pay for the maintenance and delivery of the vehicle.

     Travels abroad:
Travels beyond the boundaries of Ukraine are prohibited.

     Car Rental Booking:
 It is advisable to book a car in advance on our web-site or over the phone: (050) 999-99-13, (0372) 52-52-13, and also by the e-mail.
To book a car rental you have to give the documents, sign on the car rental agreement, and also pay the car rental deposit.

In the case of previous reservation, the renter pays a guarantee amount of one day of hire, which is returned after registration of a car lease agreement. When the renter refused of previous booking later than 48 hours before the agreement will start, the guarantee amount will not be refunded.

     Car Rental Rates:
The payment of car rental includes twenty-four rental fee, insurance, taxes, car maintenance during the whole rental period.
The payment of car rental does not include the consumption of fuels, stops at the paid parking places, parking lots, fines of the traffic police.
The limit of the daily mileage according to the standard tariff is 300 km/day. 

Over limited mileage is to be paid   55 kopecks/km.

     Renting and returning of the cars:
A car is rented and returned with the half-full tank and clean.
If the car is returned with the insufficient amount of fuels or filthy, the renter is obliged to pay for refueling or (and) car washing.

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