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Preparing the car for the winter!

The expression "Prepare sledge in the summer is especially true when it comes to cars. Winter is just around the corner, and it"s time to take care of Tyre. Experts recommend motorists do not universal, and seasonal tires, snow tires as more reliable in terms of fresh or icy snow. 

Help for beginners in choosing a car

At this time the car is no longer considered a luxury, and became one of the convenient means of travel. A different credit conditions have made it possible to buy a car almost anyone. The greatest difficulties arise after all the papers on credit collected. The question is: which characteristics of the device and choose the next iron horse?

Secrets of winter driving

The first night frost and fresh snow have brought this year is quite expected result: the number of vehicles involved in an accident, especially in the morning hours has increased dramatically. 

New or used cars to choose?

The main advantage of used car is that the secondary market for the same money you can afford to buy a more prestigious and better-equipped model than in the cabin. For example, a well "packaged» Nissan Maxima QX in 2003 with the release of two-liter engine and automatic transmission is estimated at 21-23 thousand dollars. And about the same dealers are asking for a brand new Nissan Primera in the base with 1,6-liter engine "mechanics". 

Which tire to choose?

The choice of tires - is serious business, so your choice depends not only on ease of use the car, but your own safety. The second question after a quality - cost, because overpay for a bus with twists, where you can buy the same quality at a much lower price, no one wants. If you want to determine the optimal choice of tires, then read the following recommendations.

Set up a car in winter

I remember. A few years ago there was a clear and immutable sequence of actions in case of problems with starting the engine in the winter: check for spark at the spark, then fuel supply to the carburetor bowl and serviceability of the starting gun. If both are normal, fast and even in the freezing cold to find the cause is unlikely. But to climb now that the onboard electronics began to "think" independently, and sometimes better than humans? Check the spark? Specific need for this. That earlier whimsical timer forced constantly worry about the burnt contact group or a state"s own cover.Now with transition to the ignition module spark plugs comes up almost always. Much more useful to other checks.

We Buy Used Cars

Car - it is always good. Even if he is not new. It often happens that a person really need a car and to buy new is not enough money, or he wants to make them using the same car. In this case, the best option - to buy a used car. However, it does not make mistakes and not buy a car with breakdowns, repairs which will take the amount for which you could buy a new car? In any case, you will need to ask the seller about the car, however, always need to check his words. In this case, would be useful the following tips:
Going to the car market, take three things - tape measure, flashlight and a small builder"s level.

Dangerous mobile phones

So, if you lead a car while talking on the phone. In a study published in the "New England Journal of Medicine", says that drivers who talk on the phone while driving, the probability to have an accident is four times more than those who focus only on the road. 

Safety in car repair

Alexander knew how to change the oil in his car. He knew how to unscrew the drain plug on oil pan, drain the oil from the crankcase, put the cork back in and tighten it.But once Alexander is strongly pressed on the spanner, that he slipped off the bolt head. Alexander seriously hurt his hand on a sharp piece of metal, so that he even had to put a few stitches. 

Electronic systems in motor vehicles

Brakes are playing a leading role in providing active safety. On modern cars, there are special electronic systems such as ABS, EBD, BAS, HSA, etc. 

Seat belts and road deaths

As reported in the Tico Times, leaving in San Jose, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Costa Rica"s recent cancellation of mandatory safety belt law, ruling that it violates personal freedom of citizens. After the repeal of the percentage of drivers using seat belts has decreased from 87 to 44, while the number of accidents and deaths has increased dramatically. 

Make sure the tire pressure

Bus - the only part of the machine, which comes into contact with the road, so it is important to state. Proper tire pressure ensures not only the ride comfort but also safety and environmental concerns. According to statistics, about 90% of cars have at least one poorly inflated tire. But proper tire pressure could save your life. 

Irresponsibility on the road

With many happened to miss his band, or worse, drive through a red light due to the fact that during the movement decided to change the CD to find another station or were simply passionate conversation. Absent-minded driver instantly affected his hands, eyes, and inability to concentrate.

10 Effective ways to save fuel

The following ways, according to a famous avtoeksperta Aaron Gold, can significantly reduce fuel consumption by your vehicle. Practical application of these recommendations by several tens of per cent reduction in engorgement machines, reduce the cost of gasoline, and fewer will go to the dressing.

The advantages of tinted glasses

Toning of glasses can greatly change the look of the machine. The car looks stylish and modern. And if you make an artistic rendering, then your car will become more and unique. 

Choosing a car color

Any purchaser when buying a car question arises: what color to choose? This issue is much important because it determines the color of the car not only its appearance but also the safety while driving.

5 reasons why you should take advantage of car rental

To date, modern life is unimaginable without a car. This loyal companion has a leading position in the list of essential household items. But unfortunately not everyone can afford to keep four-wheel mate properly, called "connection with which there is a need for a car for a while, to put it simply rent. 

Experts have found p "Five most basic criteria that should take advantage of car rental: